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Looking for a quality framer is an important decision.  Your framed work will be part of your decor and will hang on your walls for years. 


You want to find a framer who produces quality products.  Look at their displays and ask to see samples of recently completed work.  Know the relative expertise of your framer.  Do they have an art or design background?  How many years have they been in the business?

Ask if work is done on premise.  Does anything have to be sent out?  Your artwork is important to you, so knowing how it is handled or where it “goes” is important.

Matting can often “make or break” a framed item.  Be sure you know what the choices are.  Does it need to be acid free? Should a double or triple mat be used?  Can the mat be decorated?  Or separated by a fillet?  What kind of cuts can be made?  Should you have multiple opening matting?

Your framer should be able to guide you through a wide variety of choices.

Pricing is an important factor, but don't sacrifice quality for price.  Work with your framer for the results that you are looking for in within your budget.




























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